Stale issues

Link Title
19956 Page alias not publishing to LIVE from any workspace
52070 'eval' => 'unique' and Versioning don't work as expected
62562 Flexforms - Translating with inline relations doesn't work
18754 improved 404 pagenotfound_handling not working for certain requested URLs/resources
65921 ###REC_FIELD_ marker and certain relations not working correctly (e.g. sys_category)
65720 Add workspace element filter settings
66594 Category Mount points - missing hierarchy information
68892 Cleanup extendToSubpages-check in TypoScriptFrontendController
66834 Numeric suffix (0) added to unique fields in workspace records
60463 Wrong condition against Statement in getObjectCountByQuery
71345 Make TCA for sys_language_uid use special=languages
73716 BackendUtility::getLabelsFromItemsList and BackendUtility::getProcessedValue fail to check values before exploding
74404 Rename cObj to contentObjectRenderer
74330 Endless loop in TcaInline form data provider
58957 Frontend User Session by POST ['recs']['ts']
74498 PHP setlocale() should be called in \TYPO3\CMS\Lang\LanguageService::init()
71775 HtmlParser: Add support to find image-resources in a picture-source-srcset
27956 Integrate hook dispatcher
72582 feedit does not work when logged in as feuser: Invalid request for route "/record/edit"
76121 Encapsulate the properties of the TypoScriptParser
76082 Improve readability of the TypoScript Parser - the lastCondition flag
68733 Cleanup ContentObjectRenderer: Introduduce an Interface for processors of stdWrap
76896 Move stdWrap processing from ContentObjectRenderer into a separate class
69975 Make typo3temp-path configurable
77447 Enumerations should always be initialized via "cast"
41713 Consider localizeReferencesAtParentLocalization for group/db
78749 Make 7.6 Fluid capable of compiling ViewHelpers w/o CompilableInterface
79072 Patch for StandaloneView::getTemplatePathAndFilename should be reverted
79003 SQL queries can be avoided in DataHandler::doesRecordExist and others
18761 "ADMCMD command could not be executed!" after preview link expired
75858 Async-option for config.concatenateJs
78665 Custom entry point without request handling
79053 Page cache tags not accessible from hooks
72192 Module to inspect Fluid akin to TypoScript Object Browser and Template Analyzer in one
79156 Wrong translation behavior for file references fields in pages/pages_language_overlay with l10n_mode = exclude
80085 Extraction of metadata in PDF-documents does not recognize unicode characters
20016 wrong age calculating in stdWrap
56773 Implement Processor for new ProcessorRegistry which wraps the old Processing service
80551 Add unit test to cover ContentObjectRenderer::linebreaks
78129 Statement::rowCount not reliable for SELECT queries
63083 Streamline Arguments in link and uri typolink Viewhelper
80810 Rather than throw exceptions about missing caches, fall back to transient memory variable cache
80853 Provide a mount point service
81020 [Root line] Remove the feature to preload relations from the root line
75622 Streamline pageNotFound handling within TSFE
73071 Most content elements are now htmlspecialchar()-ed
80995 Content of hidden page not shown in workspace preview
81137 ImageViewHelper renders image tag for non-image files
81131 Allow disabling of extbase caches with bootstrap
79889 Cleanup saltedpasswords salt api and add the PHP password api as salt
80699 Inline elements with foreign TCA relation to another table should load relations before saving record
81427 Acces List > Expand All Accordeons
81718 Workspace - TYPO3 MM relations are defect
80640 Enhance workspace handling of language synchronization
25554 Handling of tab indentation is faulty
72657 Paste into t3editor does not work
45512 Make the type attribute optional on script, style and link elements
81791 Cleanup ext_emconf.php
82029 Filecollection type "folder from storage" let the editor choose file storages which he don't see in file list
77581 List module: Add preview button for records
81138 View button prepends &ADMCMD_editIcons=1 to url
81757 EXT:Fluid UriViewHelper needs escapeOutput = false;
82319 Install tool: System maintainer configuration
81490 Missing DISTINCT when building query with left joins in extbase repository
82310 Missing "Object styles" in RTE when overriding default preset in TYPO3 8.7.5
82477 Change Cache Backend while current request
82474 Disable pageTSconfig Caching in Extbase
81250 Preview link of content element misses the anchor in some cases
78391 Migration of Popover.js to TypeScript
78431 Migration of ClickMenu.js to TypeScript
79557 Date fields DataMapper handling problem