Stale issues

Link Title
19956 Page alias not publishing to LIVE from any workspace
52070 'eval' => 'unique' and Versioning don't work as expected
65219 Property-Mapping: ObjectStorageConverter fails if a child object is converted to NULL
62562 Flexforms - Translating with inline relations doesn't work
65921 ###REC_FIELD_ marker and certain relations not working correctly (e.g. sys_category)
66594 Category Mount points - missing hierarchy information
66834 Numeric suffix (0) added to unique fields in workspace records
60463 Wrong condition against Statement in getObjectCountByQuery
71345 Make TCA for sys_language_uid use special=languages
72011 Arrow displaced in "Select a position for the new page" form
73716 BackendUtility::getLabelsFromItemsList and BackendUtility::getProcessedValue fail to check values before exploding
74378 Introduce global AMD module for TYPO3 object
74404 Rename cObj to contentObjectRenderer
58957 Frontend User Session by POST ['recs']['ts']
71775 HtmlParser: Add support to find image-resources in a picture-source-srcset
27956 Integrate hook dispatcher
72582 feedit does not work when logged in as feuser: Invalid request for route "/record/edit"
75871 Merge old $GLOBALS['TBE_STYLES']['stylesheet'] and $GLOBALS['TBE_STYLES']['stylesheet2']
76121 Encapsulate the properties of the TypoScriptParser
76082 Improve readability of the TypoScript Parser - the lastCondition flag
68733 Cleanup ContentObjectRenderer: Introduduce an Interface for processors of stdWrap
77044 Make behaviour in EXT:beuser BackendUserController more consistent
69975 Make typo3temp-path configurable
77447 Enumerations should always be initialized via "cast"
56312 Dependency Resolver does not need to be initialized
78933 Make toolbar buttons / arrangement configurable
73071 Most content elements are now htmlspecialchar()-ed
79003 SQL queries can be avoided in DataHandler::doesRecordExist and others
80085 Extraction of metadata in PDF-documents does not recognize unicode characters
20016 wrong age calculating in stdWrap
56773 Implement Processor for new ProcessorRegistry which wraps the old Processing service
80551 Add unit test to cover ContentObjectRenderer::linebreaks
80693 VideoTagRenderer should have "video/quicktime" mime type as of all modern browsers are able to play it
80810 Rather than throw exceptions about missing caches, fall back to transient memory variable cache
80812 About 170 usages of isset() and is_array() can be replaced with null coalesce operator
80814 Cleanup of CGL fixer script
80851 TS content object for rendering a ViewHelper
80848 Decouple Routing from TypoScript reading
80853 Provide a mount point service
80866 Add checkboxes to records in translation wizard
80914 CKEditor: Configuration options not translatable
80898 No page tree in a workspaces
80919 Form CE runs into TypeError when a number is used as option key for a finisher
80923 Indexed Search throws PHP warnings open_basedir restriction
80836 Upgrade Wizard / Records marked as deleted are not upgraded
80845 f:image and f:uri.image viewhelpers don't fall back to default crop
80855 IRRE: "Localize all records" and "Synchronize with default language" not working anymore
80592 Scheduler->log() defines $code as string but writeLog wich expects Integer
80872 QueryGenerator::getSelectQuery can use Doctrine bind values but throws them away and also the return type is wrong
80198 EXT:form - documentation for v8
80969 List module: Content elments with additional column pi_flexform results in exception "Prohibited input U+0000000A"
80975 Indexed Search form is not cacheable
80920 Filelist: Show copy and cut button in filelist options
80987 EXT:form - fix usage of deprecated functions
80993 Deprecate GeneralUtility::getUserObj
80995 Content of hidden page not shown in workspace preview
81020 [Root line] Remove the feature to preload relations from the root line
81023 Drop typo3db_legacy from core
81025 Avatar URLs are not absolute
81028 Cleanup EXT:recordlist
80859 [BUGFIX] ".../Partials/Header" could not be loaded.
80997 Deprecated methods of PagePositionMap
80672 Saving problems in Chrome 57+
80854 Provide a rootline object and a rootline service
81032 BackendUtility should not use PageRepository
80217 CKeditor: No valid handlers found for type: tel
81035 Linkvalidator: Module does not behave correctly
80710 Remove deprecated code from ext:form
81000 Linkvalidator: Scheduler task not checking
81038 Remove cObj->getClosestMPvalueForPage()
81024 getFilenameFromMainDir() triggers PHP Warnings open_basedir
81039 buildRepresentationForNode function doesn't scale.
80988 Linkvalidator: External links not validated
81040 Extbase QueryResult::count() incorrect for strict language mode
81026 Streamline PageRepository->getRawRecord
80991 Linkvalidator: Links to files and pages not validated